Local Havens: The Old Post Office

Greetings wonderful people!

If you’re like me you love to find new places to brunch on a weekend and with the bank holiday weekend in full flow, I thought I’d talk about a little place in my local area.

Wallingford is a little historical town in Oxfordshire and is a place that I know well and is small drive away.

The Old Post Office is a quaint pub/restaurant that I have seen and heard about for a very long time, but no so much as had more than a drink in.

On a lazy Sunday morning last weekend, my other half and I decided it was time to have brunch and to go somewhere new, but not too far. After a quick Google and drive, we arrived here.

A modern restaurant layout with an open kitchen, neat bar and a simple rustic vibe.


The breakfast menu was short, but sweet. All the standard essentials but with a twist which I (obvs) loved. I now know where to come for a hot chocolate, that’s for sure, 3 types!!

A flat white for me and the most adorable little latte for the boyf. Although they are small, they were made with decent coffee, abso delish!

I opted for ‘The Portobello’ which is  a vegetarian option (shocker) with vine tomatoes, portobello mushrooms, SWEET POTATO HASH, a choice of eggs and toast.

Seriously yummy, although I wish I had ordered it without eggs (my previous post here, explains why) and with more of the hash!

My other half opted for the ‘Sweet Potato Hash, Bacon, Poached Egg’ which you can see from the below picture. Very well presented and well received.

Overall a cracking brunch, straightforward but deliciously different. Super reasonable prices as it all came in at under £20!!

If you’re in the area its worth a visit, you can’t go wrong.


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