Shotgun, Soho LDN

Hello people! Happy Friday, its almost the weekend!!

This week I would love to share with you a new favourite eatery in good ol’ London. A wonderful little place in Carnaby, Soho with a great theme, and you know how much I love a theme.

This place is called Shotgun and is a southern american restaurant, very small but intimate, low lighting and an exciting buzz which is perfect for a date night.

When we arrived, we were seated in a little booth for two at the back end of the restaurant, with a full view of their incredibly chic bar.


A simple menu with carefully constructed options is all that is required… apart from the 4 types of BBQ style sauces that they bring to your table.


It was time to sort out the most important thing, COCKTAILS. How I love thee so… and especially at happy hour.

We started with an Americano with flavours such as fresh watermelon, pink peppercorn and campari, a refreshingly good start.


We decided not to get any small plates to start and go in for the main straight away, but having seen Cornbread with Honey Butter on the menu, we had to order that on the side.

The cornbread is made from scratch and the menu says to allow 15 minutes, if it was 15 minutes it flew by because it was out very quickly (especially for a Friday night).

Oh. Em. Gee. This stuff is incredible and is the epitome of america’s love for all things sweet and savoury. It tasted like a polenta cake, so so sweet, had I not known that cornbread is served as a savoury item, I would have sworn this was a dessert.


Glistening in all its glory


We quickly polished off our first cocktail and decide it would be rude not to get a second one, as it was still happy hour.

This one was picked by the other half, a Seasonal G & T.

Now I’m not a big fan of G&T’s but this was pretty nice I have to say. Flavours of figs and pears with burnt grapefruit, surprisingly sweet and fresh. Good choice.


The portions here are not like they are in America (thank god), they are minimalist and pack full of flavour which is perfect for someone like me.

The Other half ordered USDA Brisket which was super tender and yummy. No complaints there.


Surprisingly, this restaurant wasn’t my choice, but when I saw the menu I immediately knew what I wanted to order.

Shrimp ‘N’ Grits.


This was the best thing to have graced my palette for a long time!

Perfectly cooked shrimp with bacon and button mushrooms, in the cheesiest cheddar grits. A true taste sensation. I was not disappointed.

If you can, give this quaint restaurant a go, your belly will thank you for it.

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