Obica, Canary Wharf & Soho LDN

Long time no speak!

I’ve been fairly busy as of late and unfortunately let my blog posting come to a stand still, but I’ve decided that I needed to write about this relatively new discovery of mine, Obica.

Obica is a mozzarella and pizza eatery, they have lots of bars and restaurants all over the world, with 5 in London alone, so it is a wonder I’ve never come across it before!

My other half absolutely loves mozzarella, so one evening when we were staying in Canary Wharf, we walked past one of their bars and decided we had to give it a go.

Beautiful Canary Wharf

We opted for a smoked mozzarella (BUFALA AFFUMICATA) and RICOTTINA DI BUFALA a softer more crumbly type. With some fresh Oregano and Sea Salt Focaccina and a glass of Red – utter , utter heaven!


So when we came back to London for a night away, we thought that we needed to try one of their restaurants and enjoy a night of cheesy goodness.

We opted to go to Poland Street in Soho and they did not disappoint.

We decided to have the Mozzarella Bar Experience which included a choice of 2 mozzarella’s (we had BUFALA CLASSICABURRATA), a selection of cold meats, sun dried tomatoes, pesto, focaccino and DATTERINI TOMATOES, which was a sort of ratatouille style dish.

And if that wasn’t enough we also ordered a side of MOZZARELLINE (that’s FRIED mozzarella to us) which was served with fried sage leaves, YUM!

Add a bottle of red and life is complete.

Burrata goodness

Although we were pretty full up from the cheese and wine, we felt that we deserved to have a dessert, as they sounded so so good.

You can choose your portion size, piccola or grande (small or large) and we opted for a grande TORTA DI CAPRI. A flour-less chocolate and almond cake….with ice cream

Super chocolatey and mourish, a great classic dessert.

The other was a piccola Saffron and Pistachio Panna Cotta (which I believe may have been a special). Which was not small by any means!!

But was the most wonderfully creamy and lightly flavoured dessert, which the pistachios complemented so well. Would definitely have again any day!

Another delightful weekend, slowly eating my way through London. I would be interested in trying their pastas and pizzas, so going back is a definite option.

Enjoy your weekend and try to eat something new, you may just be surprised!


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