The Camden Assembly, LDN

Hello and welcome to my first post in 2017!

I have been disastrous with posting lately and am hoping to do a bit more in this new year.

I want to share with you some food I enjoyed on the last weekend away I had in 2016, once again enjoying the delights that London has to offer.

I love that I’m a train ride away from this wonderful city, and that from time to time I get to enjoy the hustle and bustle and modern world that I find here. But I also love retreating back to the countryside after my whirlwind weekends.

Sunrise at Canary Wharf

However what often comes with these nights away are hangovers, overindulging in the local beers, fancy cocktails and delicious wines comes with a price.

That’s where Camden saves the day. Not only do they have a market full of hangover busters, they also have some good eateries.

The Camden Assembly itself isn’t a restaurant it is a bar come music venue, come nightclub, which just so happens to serve some banging burgers,by Lucky Chip.

Open at 12pm on Sunday- the perfect time for some hangover munchies. Being the first ones there we were served quickly and by a very chatty waitress, this place had a chilled out vibe, probably because everyone was at home nursing their hangovers.

A standard issue filter coffee to start, they don’t mess around with fancy drinks here. Which is fine by me when you’re after a hit of caffeine.


No time for faff with their simple menu packed with flavour, they offer some great food.

Me being me, I had to go for the Christmas Special, because… why not?


The Rudolph Burger was different to say the least, it fixed my hunger pains for greasy food, whilst also keeping it quite classy with a gamey burger oozing with melted stilton (YAS) and a sharp twang of jam, served with rocket of course.


The other half ordered the Royale wit Cheese which was a great combo of beef with bacon, cheese and all the trimmings you’d expect.

What really sold it for me were the Spicy Mayo Cheese Fries. These babies were not light on flavour, crispy, salty, gooey and the spicy mayo tasted like buffalo hot wings. Simply divine.

If you ever need a greasy but tasty cure, this is the place to go.

Deffo reccommend.

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