Review: Bluegrass BBQ, RDG

Greetings friends!

Have you ever had a meal that has surprised you? Something you thought you were going to hate, but didn’t?

Well that’s what I had at Bluegrass B.B.Q in Reading a few weekends ago.

This is a place that I happened to come across when searching through Google maps trying to find somewhere new. I had never heard of it before, people I asked had never heard of it before, but it looked good and what’s even better is that they serve brunch.

A cute little place, with serious american vibes. Outback shack decor and comfy booths, I was loving it already.

Wooden spoons for table numbers and recycled soda boxes for condiments gives this place an easy-going, homely feel and a place that doesn’t take itself too seriously.

One thing I loved about dining when I went to NYC, was, and is the emphasis they put on breakfast/brunch. Their love of sweet and savoury combos, bottomless proper coffee and tap water on the table. And although not fully authentic (bottomless tea is a UK thing) this place definitely gave me those feels.

One thing that both my boyfriend and I discovered in the East Village (NYC) was a drink called Yoohoo, so when we saw the list of imported drinks, we just had to buy one. Pricey, but when aren’t imported goods pricey? (Worth it!)

Decisions are not my strong suit, especially when it comes to brunch, I want it all!!

I sided with my vegetarian conscious (in a BBQ place, really?!) and went for the ‘Veggie Plate’.

In my experience you often find that the vegetarian options are either really bad or a lot of effort is put into it, and in places like these you find that often they are one of the best options.

Behold, my ‘Veggie Plate’….

Texas toast, homemade hash browns, mushrooms, tomatoes, BBQ smokey beans and baked eggs. HEAVEN! All served in cute enamel dishes and on a cafeteria tray for ease, I love it!

Earlier I referred to how this meal surprised me. For years I have loved eggs, eggs Benedict, Mexican scrambled eggs, poached eggs on anything! And yet, recently, in a world of #yolkporn I have completely and utterly gone off of eggs. Whether is was an under cooked egg or a vegan conscious telling me no, I’m not sure, but the thought of eggs genuinely makes me feel a bit sick.

So when I tried these baked eggs, I was not expecting a lot, but oh was I surprised!

Cheesy, spicy, fluffy eggs, that were oh so delicious. Mix that with smokey beans and chunky hash browns and I loved every mouthful.

In my excitement to eat, I blurred the picture!

My other half opted for the ‘Bacon, Sausage and Cheese Pancake stack’, and there were really no complaints from him, however he did say he’d probably prefer it without the cheese, not sure if the cheese works with it all.

Add bottomless tea and coffee and a beautiful brunch is complete!

I loved this place and I cannot wait to go back again, hope you guys give it a try too! Totally worth it!!

Food: ****

Drinks: **

Atmosphere: ****


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