Homeslice LDN

Hello peeps!

Two weeks have past since I was in London for a cheeky little night away, it feels so long ago…

This isn’t really a review post as such, as I didn’t eat that much, but London is one of my favourite places to eat out because of the variety and choice there is on offer. So I thought I’d do a little blog post on what I ate.

I first heard about Homeslice a good few months ago now, as a place that serves “big pizzas and jugs of wine”- sounds good right? The first time I intended on going, I went down to LDN on a Friday night to meet the boyf and the place was queuing out the door (1-2 hours wait) so sadly we didn’t go there that night.

But two weekends ago we decided to give another one of their restaurants a try and we made it (very easily) in.

This is one of those restaurants that I love because of their simplicity. An A5 size menu with a few pizza options and a few drinks (cocktails, wine, beer) and I find that this is usually a sign of how good a place is, they don’t need to rely on a vast menu.

We both went for a cocktail, a Strawberry & Thyme Sour and at first taste, although a great cocktail, I wasn’t sure I had made the right choice. However a refreshing sour was perfect for cutting through the cheese and dough, so my gut was right after all!


You can buy some of the pizzas by the slice, but we decided to go for a whole 20″ pizza! What is really good is that you can choose to go half and half, which is great for me and my other half, as he is a lot more classic with his tastes. He opted for MARGHERITA and I opted for AUBERGINE, CAULIFLOWER CHEESE, SPINACH & HARISSA.

I think we were a bit daunted by the size of the pizza they brought out (it could only just fit on our table). But don’t be! It is a very thin base, salty and crispy crust and the flavours of both halves were just what the doctor ordered.

A pizza cutter and paper plates were all that was needed to eat this thing.

We easily demolished this between the two of us, I would highly recommend this place for a great and simple eat, definitely a place to go with friends and share a jug of wine..or two!


Drink: ***

Atmosphere: ****

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