Review: Brewdog Soho LDN

Hello my lovelies!

I wanted to talk to you today about a little visit to Brewdog in Soho. Brewdog is a company that I know of through their ales that often appear in the supermarkets or restaurants (example: PUNK IPA). However, before looking online I never knew about their ale houses/ eateries that are scattered around the country, with lots of them appearing in London.

And so, at the beginning of this month off I went to Brewdog in Soho for a light bite and some ales.

I confess I am not so much into drinking ale, as my other half is (which is the real reason why we went there) but I am open to any food or drink experience, so I was only happy to oblige.

So glad am I that we found this great place with a menu dedicated to the drink, any ale enthusiast would love it here. What better food to have with a pint than hot wings and crispy fries, with a blue cheese dressing. Yes, BLUE CHEESE.

Look at all those beer taps!

The decor to this place is on point, trendy and industrial. Not to mention how much I love the simplistic lighting, bare walls and red neon lights.

Branded glasses with a little quote for something different to look at, these ales were pretty good, not too heavy and fruity. There is a different ale for everyone here.

On the right: Dooglebug

To be honest, when I walk into a bar designed really just for the ale, I don’t expect much from the food. The limited choice on the menu slightly disappointed me, but I was happy with some wings and fries, simple greasy food.

The only complaint I do have is down to the size of the table, being a bit tight, but there were bigger tables around that I could have moved to if it had been a big problem.

What we received however was amazing, american styled junk food. So full of flavour and hands down some of the best hot wings I’ve ever had. Scratch that, THE best hot wings I’ve ever had. Pair that with seriously crispy fries, topped off with loads of blue cheese sauce….. I die!! I’m salivating over my keyboard as we speak.

I’m not sure whether it was because I wasn’t expecting anything good, but I was blown away by this food, more than enough for two people and with food and pints for under £20, who can complain? Not me.



Atmosphere: ****

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