Recipe: Nutella Cake Holes

Hello my lovelies!

Time for a recipe trial now and as always, me being rubbish, I didn’t take pictures of the process, only the result, I mean, can you blame me? We all have busy lives!

But I do have pictures of the end result and some feedback from the birthday gal these were made for, who happened to be on a diet at the time, whoops.

So lets start with where the recipe came from.

Social media is a wonderful thing and unlike the majority of people I know, I love the Snapchat discover pages. I watch the Tastemade and Food Network pages almost religiously, everyday. With my foodie needs being met in this way, its not surprising that I would be getting my recipes and inspiration from there.

Tastemade is great platform for foodie fun, and is where I found this beautiful Nutella recipe, courtesy of  The Scran Line  (click here for the recipe link).

I love kitchen gadgets and new ideas to work with, so I’m really glad that I finally found a recipe that I could use my doughnut pans for.

This recipe is really simple, produces some super spongy cake doughnut things that you cut in half, like a bagel and fill with Nutella buttercream! Then top with chocolate sauce and hazelnuts. Yum.

If you try this recipe, don’t be alarmed by how thin the cake holes are when you cut them, as once they are filled they are definitely big enough.

When I made this,  I didn’t have any chocolate sauce so I made my own chocolate icing to go on top, which may have been a mistake as the feedback I received was that they were very rich and half of one was enough.

Again I adapted the recipe and admittedly forgot about the chopped hazelnuts that go on top, so opted for silver balls, which I think looked quite birthday appropriate.

All in all, I was pretty please with how they turned out, not that dissimilar from the recipe pictures. Easy to make and tasty, although rich.

Definitely give this a go if you have doughnut pans and want to try something different!

Thanks for reading and check out the finished product below…

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