Cinco de mayo at Wahaca LDN

Hi lovely people!

It has been over a month ago that my birthday came and went, how has it gone so quickly?! So as it is a wonderful chilled out weekend I thought I’d sit down, with afternoon beer in hand and tell you all about my cute day out in London, spent with my Mum and Gran’s, a bit of sightseeing and of course lunching and cocktails!!

As my birthday falls on the 5th may, I always feel like it would be rude not to go for Mexican food. One of my best buds had been to Wahaca recently (now a while ago) and said it was really good, so it was an obvious choice to make.

We waltzed in about half 1ish, sat down immediately (it was a Thursday) and straight away loved the look of the place. Vibrant colours, great atmosphere and lots of fresh food everywhere. I got the street food vibe instantly.

To start with the most important bit, the cocktails (obviously) we all had Passion Fruit Margaritas – passion fruit FTW.

As you’d expect, fruity and STRONG, how margaritas should be!

Passion Fruit Margaritas

I have never been to Mexico (sad face), but there is something about the vibe the culture gives off that just draws me in. I have often watched the wonderful Thomasina Miers on TV and when she talks about the street food in Mexico I am green with envy!

It turns out that Thomasina Miers is actually Co-Founder of Wahaca, so as soon as I saw the ‘street food’ section on the menu I knew that I was in the right place!

There is so much to choose from and the menu works in a similar way to tapas. I am the worst person to make descions, but if you look towards the bottom of the street food section they have a Introductory Wahaca Selection for Two – phew!

This is the perfect thing to have on a menu for someone like me, I wanna taste as much as possible, but not to break the bank and at £22 for 2 people, I can’t argue.

Top: Cactus & Courgette tacos Bottom: Corn, black bean & guacamole tostada

Whats included in this amazing selection you may ask…

  • Pork pibil tacos
  • Cactus & courgette tacos
  • Corn, black bean & guacamole tostada
  • Chorizo & potato quesadilla
  • Sweet potato & feta taquitos
  • Spicy slaw

I tell you now, I’m salivating at the memory.

The Pork tacos were simple but tasty as were the quesadilla’s. The taquitos were full of flavour and the spicy slaw had an amazing smokiness to them, that sets it far apart from any slaw you’ve had.

A poor quality picture of quesadilla and top right: Pork pilbil tacos
Top left: Spicy Slaw Top Right: Chorizo & Potato Quesadilla Bottom: Sweet potato & Feta taquito

I was disappointed with the Cactus tacos, a strange, almost bland flavour, but I was so happy that I can now say I’ve tasted cactus!


My absolute favourite item was the first thing I tasted, the tostada, and I was instantly in love. The flavours and hit of fresh ingredients were phenomenal. It tasted exactly how I think it would on the streets of Mexico, all I need now is to go there and test my theory!

Churros y chocolate

At the end of the meal, my Gran had mentioned it was my birthday, so they brought me out some birthday churros, coated in lots of cinnamon sugar, with a gorgeous thick hot chocolate sauce, perfect end to the meal!
I will 100% be going back there.

Can I just order all the tostadas?!

Food *****

Drink ****

Atmosphere ***


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