Eating around Costa Adeje

Hi lovelies!

Finally, two months after I went to Tenerife I’m getting around to writing about some of the food that I consumed whilst on holiday. Thinking about it all again has got me salivating!

I must admit, I’m one of those people who will go out with friends or on holiday and completely shut off to the social media world – I can never be bother to pay extra for internet abroad, but I did have some WiFi in the complex.

My point is, its lucky I even have pictures of the food I ate, let alone remember some of the restaurant names and menus!  So I have a confession to make… I only remember the names of three of the places I ate, the rest of the photos will just be a little journey of the food itself.

So lets start with the apartment complex, which had an adorable little cafe/restaurant area called ‘The Clubhouse’ which was a surprisingly good eatery! Funny staff that recognised our groups every time we came near for breakfast, snacks or beers. Simple, but good breakfasts, nachos and smoothies. The photo below shows one of the desserts we had on a birthday night dinner, FERRERO ROCHER LAYER CAKE!!! One word: Orgasmic.

If you like Ferrero Rocher’s you will go nuts for this! So creamy, so chocolatey and soo hazelnutty – Nutella fans, this ones for you too!

Ferrero Rocher Cake


In fairness all of their cakes/cheesecakes that were proudly on display, looked gorgeous! Wish I had, had more time and room to try every one.

The second restaurant on the list that me and my other half went to for brunch was Harley’s. This was a 5/10 minute walk away from our complex.

American diner style which had cars out the front which  were converted into seating areas, so with it being a scorcher, we had to have our brunch in one of them.

I’m terrible for choosing brunch items, I want them all! It’s my favourite meal of the day.

In the end I went for the ‘El Mexicano’ a burrito style wrap filled with sausage, bacon and mushrooms, deep fried and topped with cheese, jalapeños and a poached egg. Absolutely delish!

El Mexicano

The only thing about Harley’s is that we did go for dinner one night, which was unplanned and the food wasn’t amazing, great nachos though!

And the third little gem on the list, we found when we wondered down the beach front from our complex, it was called ‘The Winchester’,  a pop up style English sports pub.

Really really cheap and good people, we found our favourite meal of the holiday which we had to get everyone to come and try (vegans and veggies look away now)…

Steak & Egg Stacker

The ‘Steak and Egg Stacker’!

This photo does not do it justice I’m afraid, as it consisted of 2 slice of toast, buttered, 2 hash browns, 2 tomatoes, 2 4oz steaks and 2 fried eggs, for about €5!! Say what!!

The steak were actually very good and cooked to perfection, just great.

So to not bore you any further with my writing, below are some pictures of really tasty food I consumed…

GARLIC Prawns, so so tasty and fresh


Tomato and GORGONZOLA Gnocchi
Fresh fish of the day – Sea Bream
Deep fried Whitebait, was severely hungover this day and asked for a small portion of whitebait at this tapas restaurant, this is what arrived.
Deep fried Cheese (didn’t specify on the menu, but I reckon it was Paneer) with Blueberry compote and pineapple.

Thank you for reading guys! Hope you enjoyed my little trip down foodie lane.

I really enjoyed all of this food and can’t wait for my next foodie adventure abroad.


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