Food Haul: Tenerife Snacks

Hi everyone!

I haven’t posted anything for a long time, as I’ve been so busy with life, as we all are, that I haven’t had a chance to sit down and finish my posts on tenerife, which feels like sooo long ago now!!

Below are just a few items that I picked up from the local supermarkets which I thought looked interesting and of course I needed to try…

Moka Instinct: when I picked this up my first thought was that this was a bottle of Cold Brew Coffee – quite a recent trend that I have yet to taste (still), however when I opened it, it turned out to be a carbonated coffee drink, much like the Coke Caffeine edition that Coca Cola released a while back. Tasted relatively the same, a sugary coffee flavoured coke, not unpleasant, but nothing special, I wouldn’t get this again tbh.

Nutella B-ready: I bought these as a present for one of my bff’s, but I couldn’t resist trying these myself. I would describe them as a Kinder Bueno without the chocolate exterior. A crisp wafer filled with Nutella and some sort of crunchy little balls inside. If you like Nutella then this is a tasty treat, but again nothing special.

Hiper Dino’s Chocolate Doughnut and Milka Muffin: There was a little supermarket near our apartment called Hiper Dino and they were everywhere in Tenerife. Everytime we walked past the ‘bakery’ area its smelt amazing so we had get something. Once again I was disappointed, the muffin was really standard issue, it was nice Milka chocolate but was a bit ‘meh’. However the doughnut was really yummy, better than I expected for a chocolate candy covered doughnut, despite the entire doughnut being covered in the candy coating it wasn’t over sweet and the doughnut itself was really fluffy, if I had any more room after 10 days of food then I would have bought more!

Terra Blue Vegetable Chips: O.M.GEE. I’ve seen these on platters served with salsa and guacamole on american food shows, but we don’t get them in the UK and I’ve always wanted to try them. So when I saw them in the Hiper Dino, I had to buy and I was not disappointed. Despite the fact that they are just salted potato crisps, they had a very nice umami flavour that was so so tasty! Especially after a few drunken nights, great snack to come home to. I will definitely buy more of these if I see them else where.

So that was it for my little snacking haul in Tenerife, if I get some more time I will write a little post about my dinners in Tenerife.

Thanks for reading lovelies, and come back to get involved with more of my food moments.


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