Review: Armadillo, Gatwick Airport

Hi lovely peeps!

I haven’t posted anything in a while because I have been away on holiday in Tenerife ☀️  #sorrynotsorry

I’ve got some foods and things to talk about so keep your eyes peeled for more posts to come on what I ate in the sunshine!

First off I wanted to talk about a new found fave of mine called Armadillo, a Santa Fe style café.

I know reviewing an airport restaurant sounds snoozeville and usually I’m not excited by it and I usually end up in some cheap place with average food. But this is worth a mention.

I was on holiday with a different crowd of people, and someone shouted out to go for our 7am breakfast at Armadillo, we all agreed, as it was the closest and we were all tired from having to roll out of bed at 4 in the morning.

I tell you now people, this was a good shout! Lots of options that aren’t your usual fry-up or bacon butty. And as you may guess I went for the breakfast option that sounded the most out of the ordinary, the ‘Vegetarian breakfast’.  Which isn’t a glamorous name for it, but it comes with scrambled egg (standard), fried mushroom and tomato (no shocker there), smashed avocado (now we’re getting somewhere), sweetcorn fritters (YES) and a grilled banana!


the mother of all veggie breakfasts

It was a really good breakfast that felt naughty, but you could still get away with saying it’s the ‘healthy option’. It was something unexpected and really quite good. The guys with us chose the ‘Ranch’ and ‘Longhorn’ breakfasts and they said that although their’s was still rather good, they wish they had opted for the veggie breakfast.

Lesson is that you should always go for something that sticks out on a menu, chances are its the best option.

For those of you that have been to Armadillo before and are like ‘that’s old news!’ I apologise, but from what I can tell the only one near me is at the Gatwick Airport so that excuses my new found love for the place.



Experience: ** (it was an airport)


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