Review: Breakfast Club LDN

After a night away I was super excited to try the Breakfast Club at London Bridge for brunch – it’s very trendy and I’ve heard nothing but amazing things about the chain. I had a scan of the menu before I went and it looked promising.

I arrived at half 10 (AM) after being told that I shouldn’t have to queue at that time on a Saturday morning – it was packed, but only had around a 15 minute wait and once I was in the building, the queue outside got ridiculously long! I had timed it well.

I was given a booth and it was a quaint old classic diner/café style place, but it was very small – probably why there was such a big queue.

It definitely had American ideals as after a few minutes a glass of water arrived with the menus (after eating brunch several times in NYC I can tell you that it was the norm to bring a glass of water to the table without being asked). I ordered from the weekend brunch menu and chose the Chorizo Hash Browns, which includes fried potatoes, peppers, mushrooms and a poached egg.

There were so many drinks choices and I wanted them all! I really wanted to try the coffee to see if it was as authentic as NYC coffee, but thought it best to try and get something good in me so went for the Slow Boy juice (Apple, carrot, orange, ginger).

I will tell you something, that juice was delicious! I will definitely have a go at making that at home, so refreshing and perfect for cutting through the grease and high carb meal I was about to consume!

As you can see in the picture above, the egg was perfection and the chorizo and potato paired with a sour cream style sauce worked really well – my only complaint would be that there was a lot and after about half, I was starting to get sick of the dry and almost blandness of the potatoes. Also the mushrooms were huge, would have been nicer sliced up a little more, but that is being picky now.

Definitely full after that one.

Overall pretty good I’d say, not as amazing as everyone had made it out to be and I thought it would be after the amount of fuss that’s made over the Breakfast club restaurants, but definitely a good shout for an American style brunch. I would go again to try some of the other dishes, as the pancakes looked incredible.

Out of 5:

Food: ***

Drink: ****

Experience: ***

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